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The Most Important Metrics to Monitor to Enhance Visitor Conversion Rates


Throughout the past decade, the use of eCommerce website has risen from select retailers in one of the most used methods of earning revenue through a digital platform. In fact, over 40% of Internet users have bought a product through an eCommerce. This percentage translates to over one billion buyers, and it’s expected to only increase throughout the next several years. If you’re interested in growing your conversion rates, and ultimately your revenue, then it’s imperative that your website monitoring solution focuses its monitoring solutions on several key conversion metrics.

Metric #1 – Traffic Sources

There are several important reasons as to why you should place concentration on monitoring the source of your website traffic. First, and foremost, it’s imperative to determine where traffic is coming from as it directly influences how users engage with your website. There is a total of three primary traffic sources, which include: Referral Users (users that were referred to your site via another website or blog), Search Engine Users (users that accessed your site via a search engine result), and Direct Users (users that accessed your site by directly inputting your site URL into their Web browser).

While each of the aforementioned traffic sources is imperative for a successful eCommerce site, the focus you place on each site is based upon the amount of traffic coming from a specific source. Identifying your primary sources of traffic also provides you with the necessary levels of information to determine whether your advertising efforts (or SEO efforts) are paying off.

Metric #2 – New Visitor Conversion Rate

Perhaps one of the most important conversion metrics to manage with your website monitoring solution is the number of new or unique visitor conversions. When establishing your monitoring software, it’s imperative to monitor how first time users or unique users interact with your website. The primary goal of this monitoring location is to enhance the conversion rate of first time users by learning how they interact with your website. With this information, an administrator is able to improve the website and Web application design and interactivity to better persuade visitors to purchase a product or service. It’s with this understanding, administrator’s are able to determine their current user bounce rate, and whether recent improvements or adjustments reduce the bounce rate for initial visitors.

Metric #4 – User Enagement and Interaction Level

Outside of monitoring the conversion rate of visitors, it’s imperative that a system administrator understand exactly how real-users interact and engage with the website. Throughout a website monitoring solution, you’re able to determine exactly how a user interacts with the various page elements of your website as well as how your design and functionality elements affect this behavior, which ultimately leads into higher conversions. Every interaction made between users and the website is important to determine why your website is over or under-performing. By increasing your awareness of interactions and engagement levels, you’re able to enhance your ability to increase conversion rates.