Load and Stress Testing Defined

Load Testing

One of the many important test that websites must go through is the load test. A load test simply tests the amount of users a website can take before it lags or crashes completely. The only reason a load test must be done is to prove one that the website works and that it can withstand potential customers daily. An average of customers is usually established very early in the development process because it is very good to have an idea prior to the final website. Some websites have far more traffic than others. This begs the question, what is load testing used for? Well, here’s one example:

A┬áNike website which is known worldwide should have more visitors daily than a mom and pop business that just opened locally. The stress of many online users should never stop a website from continuing service when you’re in business. Load tests are great for social media websites and search engine websites which sees many online users daily. The more online users the higher the stress test should be. Some companies stress their website to double the average user capacity for definite efficiency.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is something done to make sure websites can withstand potential threats. Hackers, crashes and repeated wrong password entries are always checked during these test. The test show if a website is secure. If your websites has credit card entries and holds people’s finances security is always needed. The stress test always comes before a website is released because if it is jacked easily afterward no one will trust the site as before. Keeping your website hack proof is very important and a crucial part of the stress test being done. Stress test also sees how a website does when multiple applications are running. Simultaneously applications being run can cause websites to lag. Lagging usually runs into an unwanted crash.

Web Performance

Web performance is the culmination of many factors which are rated. A websites performance should never be under average if it expects to keep trusted customers. The only way to really see how strong a website is is to make sure it goes through web performance tests.

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