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Mobile Website Monitoring Solution Buying Guide – Essential Features


Did you know that throughout the world, there are over 1.2 billion Internet users who access websites via a mobile device? This astonishing statistic breaks down to over 15% of all Internet traffic being delivered through mobile devices. Because of the growing number of Internet traffic coming not from traditional sources (desktops or laptops), the need for effective mobile website monitoring solutions has never been greater. If you’re searching for a way to keep your website competitive and attractive, then it’s imperative you immediately begin the search for an effective mobile website monitoring solution.

Data Derived from Actual Users

When you’re seeking out a mobile website monitoring solution, perhaps one of the most influential features you must confirm is data derived from actual users. While synthetic website monitoring solutions are an effective tool for pre-deployment, once a mobile website goes live, it’s imperative to receive detailed insights regarding user behavior and experiences.

With mobile user data, an administrator is capable of determining mobile platform performance and response times. Real user data allows a transparent view into the behavior patterns of users, such as click-out pages, duration spent on the site and geographical location of users. By comparing these reports to desktop computer user reports, you’re able to gain a complete picture of how users experience your site on both mobile and desktop platforms. Its important to remember that not all website monitoring platforms actually derive data from real users, so if you’re looking to implement a data-driven solution, this is something that you should check out beforehand.

End-to-End Monitoring

A mobile website monitoring tool must be able to accurately monitor end-to-end transactions. Being able to effectively monitor all interactions between a user and the wireless network used to access your site. This is an imperative feature as it showcases how specific devices and wireless networks interact with your site. By gaining key insights at various checkpoints throughout the user-website interaction, administrator’s may determine weaknesses within the mobile website, such as improperly optimized content or applications.

Detailed Diagnostic Reporting

If your mobile website is like almost every other site, it’s created through a complex series of static and dynamic page elements. As the needs of users increase, the requirement for more complex architecture and infrastructure components also increases. Therefore, one of the most important features one must seek out in a mobile website monitoring solution is a highly detailed diagnostic tool. Because operation system and device types can have unique impacts on critical components, it’s imperative to determine not only when issues arise, but the root cause of these issues. The most effective tools are those that run an automatic diagnostic check, but also ones that offer instant error alerts and notifications when third party content or elements become unavailable or fall below its established performance baseline.